bien que mon amour est fou, ma raison calm la doleur dans mon coeur.
il ma dit, d'etre patient et garder l'espoir.

Friday, 16 July 2010

ne me quitte pas

i leave for france tomorrow. my second home.
jacques brel seems a little appropriate though, i can't help feeling writing letters won't be enough to satisfy my thirst for a certain reciprient. oh god, how i wish i could fall in love with the easy beauty in life, the cheap thrills and garish prettiness. instead i seek out the difficult, the hidden and that which is not mine to take.

ne me quitte pas. il fault oublier. tout peut s'oublier qui s'enfuit deja. oublier le temps, des malentendus, et le temps perdu a savoir comment. oublier ces heures qui tuaient parfois, a coup de pourquoi, le coeur de bonheur.
ne me quitte pas.

don't leave me. forget. everything which has already fled can be forgotten.
forget time, misunderstandings, and the times lost somehow.
forget those times which killed sometimes, by dint of reason, the heart of happiness.
don't leave me.

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