bien que mon amour est fou, ma raison calm la doleur dans mon coeur.
il ma dit, d'etre patient et garder l'espoir.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Squeaky clean

New blog. Not that I have the time or inspiration to be doing this, so it's likely a patchwork of thoughts & pretty things I like to look and listen to.

"A la folie, pas du tout" was a bizarre film with Audrey Tatou going a little erotomania and making sweet little collages of this man out of the pills she's meant to take... is it perverse that it was really rather beautiful? Addictive to say the least. Either way, it's the absolute definition of "L'amour fou". Crazy love, foolish love, obsessive love. I love how dramatic the French are,

"Bien que mon amour est fou
ma raison calm la douleur dans mon couer
il ma dit
d'etre patient et garder l'espoir..."

"Though my love is insane
my reason calms the pain in my heart
it tells me
to be patient and keep hoping..."

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